Math Conference

I'm getting ready to head out to my favorite teacher conference - CAMT.  It's the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching and I go EVERY year because it's awesome.  The conference rotates through three different Texas cities - Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.  In addition to learning some great strategies for teaching math, it's like a mini vacation.  Some of my favorite speakers are Dinah Zike, Kim Sutton, and Greg Tang.  I always learn something new each time I go.  This year we get see Flatland 2 - Sphereland.  That should be exciting!

Have you heard of Sumdog?  Sumdog offers students a fun way to practice math skills in an online gaming atmosphere.  There are a bunch of games to choose from and the best part's FREE!  Students get to create their own avatar.  As kids play games and get answers correct, they earn coins they can use to buy new clothes and accessories for their avatars.  If you know of someone who needs a little extra math practice, go check it out by clicking on the picture below.
Have a great week - I'll see you when I get back.


  1. The one in Houston?? I'll be there as well!! This is my first CAMT- my school is sending one person from each grade. I'm so glad I'm the 4th grade rep!

    Let's meet up for a session!!

    Rock and Teach

    1. ALSO- I am SUCH a Kim Sutton nerd... Our district had her out last winter and she hugged me! I was so jazzed!! Told you I was a nerd! Lol

  2. I need to check this website out. I have four grade levels of math in one class, so looking for lots of great math resources.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack